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Words are life, and a decent book assists individuals with getting away from the real world and enter a universe of their longing. Books wash away the residue from the spirit of regular daily existence. A few people consider readings dreaming with open eyes.

Perusing books is delighted in by such countless individuals around the globe, and that is something worth being thankful for and is there any valid reason why it shouldn’t be correct, books assist individuals with learning numerous things. Perusing books resembles a compulsion, yet it is a decent enslavement and not a negative behavior pattern. There are such countless books out there, and of such countless genera and each page, every novel recounts an alternate story; some have an upbeat end, and some have a miserable consummation, however in spite of the entirety of this perusing, books are probably everything thing an individual can manage.

Best Light Novels:

As referenced above, there are such countless various kinds of stories, and one of these sorts of books are light books. So what are light books? Light books are Japanese books, and these books target age gatherings of 13-18. Light books have various genera which teens love to peruse.

English light novels:

The type of light books is very similar to that of commonplace western books, yet as they are Japanese books so they have representations that are very like what you will discover in an ordinary manga.

What’s so exceptional about light novels?

Light novels are extremely popular in Japan. So what’s the promotion about light books? So the main purpose behind their ubiquity is that numerous animes are made on light books, and individuals realize that how imperative anime is for the Japanese. Like one of the untouched celebrated anime that individuals all around the planet know is “sword craftsmanship on the web,” and in the wake of watching the blade workmanship on the web, individuals went obsessed with perusing its light books, and this anime is only one model there are such countless instances of light books transforming into anime.

History of light novels:

The light books began blasting in 2006 after the achievement of the “Haruhi Suzumiya,” and after the accomplishment of this novel, individuals start to be more keen on perusing light books. Thus, numerous writers began composing light books, and a significant number of the distributing organizations in japan consistently chase for writers who can compose the best light books

Contrast among manga and light novels:

Individuals frequently mistake manga for light books. You may believe that both the manga and the light books are of Japanese starting point so they may be something very similar, yet it’s false. Both the manga and the light books are both two distinct things. The manga is Japanese funnies; it resembles the Japanese type of realistic narrating, which has a long history, and the light books are Japan’s form of western books, despite the fact that they additionally have delineations like that of the manga they are commonly a 50,000 words novel.

Best light novels:

Following is the rundown of the absolute best light books:

  • The time I got reincarnated as a slime:

The story rotates around a 37-year-elderly person Satoru Mikami who is disappointed with his life, yet after his passing, he wakes in another world as an ooze beast.

Weathering with you:

Hodaka Morishima is a secondary school understudy who moves to Tokyo and starts filling in as an author. For quite a while there is downpour in Tokyo, yet unexpectedly he meets a young lady who can stop the downpour.

Sword art online:

This story centers around the computer generated simulation world. The game MMORPG allows player to interface through exceptional caps, and soon all the player understands that they can’t log out from the game and the best way to speak with their actual bodies is by beating 100 level pinnacle’s chief.

  • Zero starting life in another world:

Subaru Natsuki is a secondary school understudy who is lost in a different universe where he is protected by a silver-haired young lady. Adversaries assault, and the two of them are slaughtered, yet then he understands that he can rewind passing.

Classroom of the elite:

Kodo ilkusei is one of the top secondary schools where understudies have a 100% possibility of getting into a school, however just the most splendid understudies get the kindnesses, and the ones that don’t perform well are elevated to the substandard classes.

There are various light books, however the ones that are referenced above are probably the most celebrated light books.

Where to read light novels in English?

There are a few sites that offer light books that are converted into English so that individuals all around the planet can peruse and appreciate light books. One such webpage is the you can peruse light books online on this site and furthermore get refreshes on the most recent light books. You can discover the entirety of your number one light books on this site, in addition to there are light books of a wide range of genera on the previously mentioned site.


In the event that you love to understand books and you are one of those individuals that don’t care for exceptionally long books then light books are the awesome you since they are short as well as have a wide range of energizing stories that you can appreciate without getting exhausted.